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Welcome to 863 Ecclesall Road

Our centre on Ecclesall Road is there to support you on your health and physical exercise journey.

We have partnered with leading Sheffield physio Hallamshire Physiotherapy to provide you with exercise rehabilitation services that are tailored to you.

Hallamshire Physiotherapy offer a range of services for people living with bone, muscle and joint problems, whip-lash injuries, arthritis, back and pelvic problems to neurological rehabilitation.

At 863 Ecclesall Road we have partnered with them to ensure that the support you receive is relevant to your needs and rehabilitation.

What to expect at 863 Ecclesall Road

We have a range of sessions designed for people with heart conditions, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Stroke, respiratory, Musculoskeletal conditions and balance issues. But we also run sessions for people who are new to exercise or haven’t exercised in a while.

Our classes are designed with all abilities in mind and are based on the rehabilitation needs of our customers. As a result, we have new classes and opportunities starting all the time to meet your needs.

To discuss your needs please get in touch and we can offer a tailored approach to your exercise rehabilitation needs.

One-to-one Rehabilitation

Alongside our classes we also offer individual rehabilitation for a more tailored experience. You may have a more complex condition or injury with limited mobility which would benefit from one-to-one time with a highly qualified specialist instructor.

We can help you work towards any goals your physiotherapist or doctor recommends and provide this specialist help at both 863 Ecclesall Road or in the comfort of your own home.

Health Testing

Alongside supporting your rehabilitation needs we also carry out 30minute health consultations at 863 Ecclesall Road that will highlight any common health concerns.

In the unlikely instance any serious health issues are identified, we shall refer you to the relevant health experts.

A full health MOT will include:

  • Lung Function
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation
  • Body fat percentage
  • Hydration levels
  • Urine analysis
  • Blood glucose test (diabetes)
  • Cholesterol test and its breakdown
  • Blood pressure.
  • Heart trace scan

Our health check-ins can also be done at home or at work. Your can find out more about what we offer in the workplace here.

Sports and Remedial Massage

Many people hold a misconception about sports massages: that it is only for those who participate in sporting activities at a serious or professional level.

This is just not true.

Our team of sports massage therapists are trained in sports and remedial massage, and work with clients from all walks of life.

Most ‘musculoskeletal’ issues arise as a result of one of the following:

  • postural compensations
  • an imbalance in body mechanics
  • stressful or challenging lifestyle and work patterns
  • loss of strength and flexibility

Each of these factors alone may have a major impact on your soft tissue (that’ll be muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia!), but may also affect the way your body functions when you move. It is not uncommon for an injury to arise as a result of one of the issues above, and that injury can provide the clues to trace back and identify a contributing cause.

It is then possible for the therapist to help you to manage or resolve the issue, so that not only will your injury heal quickly, but the chances of it reoccurring are greatly reduced.

So whether you are suffering from a recent (or long term) injury associated with a specific hobby or activity, or have been experiencing long term back pain as a result of your posture or occupation we can help you.

"Having suffered a stroke in 2019 which affected the mobility of my right leg and arm it was important to find the best exercise and physio provider to continue my rehabilitation. Community Wellness Services (CWS) with David Birds and the team were exactly what I have needed. They provide me with regular exercises classes to maintain my cardio fitness and mobility exercise with excellent trainers in a modern well equipped gym on Ecclesall Road.

I have also had one to one specific sessions with David which helped me concentrate on improving the mobility of my leg. This combined with regular sports massage from a qualified sports masseur at CWS has definitely contributed to my ongoing rehabilitation. It was absolutely vital over the past two years during the Covid pandemic to maintain this physical and mental wellbeing."

Martin Turner, customer at 863 Ecclesall Road

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