Community Wellness Services

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Community Wellness Services is a new company, but with substantial experience and expertise in the delivery of specialist physical activity and rehabilitation for the health sector. Established in 2004 our Director David Birds founded the Physical Activity Referral Scheme in Sheffield...


Wellness Sessions

A BettaLives Wellness Session is up to an hour-long “circuit-based” activity programme, where anyone of any ability, condition or disability can partake. You are in safe hands as our instructors are highly qualified and experienced to look after anyone suffering from long term conditions but can also help people who are new to fitness and perhaps just need a little encouragement...

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One on One


You may be interested in, or your condition may benefit more from individual rehabilitation. You may have a more complex condition with limited mobility such as stroke , chronic respiratory, neurological condition...

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my nearest session

Here you will be able to find details of your nearest session...

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A thirty minute consultation will highlight any common health concerns, from weight management and stress, to poor sleep patterns and posture. If in the unlikely instance any serious health issues are identified, we'll refer you to the relevant health experts...

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Sports and Remedial


Many people hold a misconception about ‘Sports Massage’: that it is for those who participate in sporting activities at a serious or professional level. This is just not true. Our team of sports massage therapists are trained in sports and remedial massage, and work with clients from all walks of life...

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